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What is 3-Methylmethcathinone?


3-Methylmethcathinone, also known as 3 MMC, is a designer drug from the family of substituted cathinone. The structure of 3-MMC is very close to the commonly known illegal drug mephedrone, which is banned in most countries due to its structural isomer. It was designed to imitate the same structural features of mephedrone.

Effects of 3-MMC:

The effects of 3-MMC depend on various factors like dosage, age factor, health, and whether it was taken with other substances at the same time. It has a huge impact on physical energy levels, that is why it is often used for rave parties and festivals. Some of the common effects include:

Risks of taking 3-MMC:

  • Touch sensitivity
  • Distorted sense of time
  • Increase in empathy and affection
  • A euphoric sensation that includes physical bodily sensations
  • Increased energy level with extreme stimulation
  • Confusion and delirium can cause issues in decision making
  • An increase in heart rate leads to high blood pressure levels.
  • Dehydration that leads to weakness
  • Dry mouth due to dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Headaches and muscle tensions
  • Seizure, tremors

These are the common side effects of 3-MMC drug usage. Other health problems may include depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, irritability, and sleeping issues.

3-MMC drugs are very addictive to use. This means any person may develop a strong craving to use this drug again and again. This increases the risk of overdose, which may cause several health conditions such as heart attack, stroke, organ failure, and seizures.

There have been many cases reported that have become addicted to this drug that causes strong psychological dependence amongst the users. The users become psychologically dependent upon this drug and start to take this as an essential need to survive. Prolonged and repeated use of this drug initiates tolerance in the user. Therefore, the users start to increase the dosage to achieve the same effects.3-MMC creates cross-tolerance amongst dopaminergic stimulants. After the consumption of the 3-MMC drug, the effect of other stimulants is reduced significantly. Other health risks include:

  • Sleeping disorder
  • A hallucination that includes visual and auditory
  • Muscle spasm

Steps that can help to reduce risks:

While it is obvious that no drug use is safest without any medical advice, but some steps can be taken to avoid further consequences. These includes:

  • Avoid over dosage: Redosing of drugs should be strictly restricted that increases chances of severe negative effects.
  • Avoid drug mixing: Mixing multiple drugs for consumption creates higher risks of several health issues and can even lead to death.
  • Stay hydrated and take intervals: Drinking plenty of water and increasing the intake of water contained foods is very important. Taking regular breaks is also very important.
  • Planning: To have people around you, who you trust, and who know first aid. So that in an emergency you could get some help.

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